3 Factors That Make A Quality Paper Core

Posted on: 12 November 2019

Many of the consumer products sold each day feature a paper core. The core serves as a support for items like plastic wrap, fabric, aluminum foil, etc. If your company relies on paper cores as part of your product packaging, the quality of the cores you use matters.

A poor quality paper core can lead to wasted money and damaged product. Know what to look for when sourcing your paper cores so that you can improve efficiency and product quality in the future.

1. Quality Paper

The overall quality of a paper core begins with the type of paper used to produce the core. You want your paper cores to be produced from a specialty paper referred to as kraft paper. Kraft paper is produced from the kraft process, which involves using chemical agents to produce wood pulp.

The pulp contains strong fibers that are capable of retaining their form over time. Multiple layers of kraft paper are glued together and then rolled into shape to form a paper core. A core made from any other type of paper will lack the strength and stability required to support your products.

2. Exact Specifications

Another factor to look for when sourcing your paper cores is the manufacturer's ability to create a product that meets your exact specifications. Paper cores come in a variety of thicknesses and can be cut to any length that you need.

A core with dimensions that are inaccurate in the slightest amount can result in product damage during packaging and shipping. Work closely with your manufacturer to ensure your paper cores meet exact specifications.

3. Quality Adhesives

In addition to being constructed with quality paper, your paper cores need to feature a quality adhesive as well. The adhesive creates a secure bond between each of the layers of kraft paper that make up a paper core.

Some adhesives are designed to help the paper cores repel water. Others offer structural stability that allow the paper core to support a significant amount of weight. Be sure that you discuss the unique characteristics of your product with the manufacturer so that your paper cores can be made using an adhesive that will best suit your needs.

You might not see the importance of focusing on the quality of your paper cores, but careful selection of quality paper cores can improve your overall product quality and increase profitability over time. Contact paper core manufacturers for more information.