Architectural Services For An Industrial Renovation

Posted on: 24 August 2023

An architect can become a valuable asset to your factory renovation project. Review some of the services that an architect provides. Then, hire an architect based on their skill level and payment terms.

The Conceptualization Process

An architect will conceptualize your renovation preferences. They will assess the current layout of your business. They will determine if the square footage within your industrial setting is being utilized wisely.

If you would like to add another functional area to an existing space, they will determine if expanding the existing space will be necessary, or if the space that is already provided can be redesigned to support the upgrades. An architect uses blueprints, 3D imagery, and other resources to prepare plans that a contractor will ultimately follow during the renovation process.

Cost Savings

The cost of hiring an architect may increase the overall cost of the renovation project. However, this fee may be well worth it.

An architect is familiar with a wide range of industrial materials and building styles. They can save a customer money on renovation costs by providing them with sound advice from the onset of a renovation project.

For instance, a property owner may be compelled to buy top-of-the-line materials or to seek intricate construction steps to acquire the renovation results that they are seeking. Once the property owner consults with an architect, they may learn that they can use less expensive materials or a less complex construction approach to receive the results that they want.

The Payment Terms

An architect may base their fee on the total cost of a renovation project. Once the architect determines how much the project will cost the property owner, they may charge a percentage of the total cost. An architect may also charge an hourly fee.

When interviewing architects, it is important to review some of the past work that each architect has overseen. This will help you pinpoint if an architect is a good fit for your commercial renovation project.

The Contract

A business owner faces a unique set of challenges when a renovation is underway. If manufacturing processes will be halted while your business is being upgraded, it is important to know how long your place of business will be affected by the remodeling plans. Your contract should clearly outline how long it will take to render services. Read over the contract at length before committing to hiring an architect.

For more information on architectural services, contact a professional near you.