Dry Screw Vacuum Pump — Purchasing Advice To Remember

Posted on: 17 March 2023

If you need to take part in operations involving degassing or waste gas recovery, then you may need to purchase a dry screw vacuum pump. These special pumps can be manufactured in many ways, but if you stick to this buying advice, it will be easy to purchase the perfect model for your operations.

Make Sure Metal-To-Metal Part Contact Isn't Possible

If you want to rely on the same dry screw vacuum pump for many years, then you need to make sure you avoid metal-to-metal part contact. This will keep your vacuum pump in optimal condition and also protect you from regular repairs that otherwise would cost you money.

You'll just need to carefully look over different pump models, seeing how their parts are set up and how these pumps work when activated. You can consult with suppliers too to find optimal pump models that work in a way where metal parts don't contact each other. 

Look For Long-Term Efficiency

If your worksite will rely heavily on a dry screw vacuum pump, then you may need to keep it running consistently. In that case, it's helpful to seek out a pump model that can maintain an efficient design long-term. This will keep the costs of running said pump in a much more manageable range.

Pumping efficiency is predicated on the type of motor this system relies on. Look over the motor's specs and verify they enable an energy-efficient design so that you don't have any apprehension about running this vacuum pump day after day.

Verify Residues Won't Be Left Over 

Whatever type of substances you plan to support with a dry screw vacuum pump, you need to make sure they won't be able to leave behind residues. Then you can look forward to great performance for many years without much intervention on your part.

Probably the best way to assess residue collection is to consult with a supplier or manufacturer that puts these vacuum pumps together. They can show you different pump models and talk about their performance attributes, helping you figure out which pump is the best from a residue-prevention standpoint. Then you can buy with ample confidence.

If you need to invest in a dry screw vacuum pump for a worksite, it's a good idea to look at a couple of models and compare them carefully. Then you can see what makes the most sense for your pump needs and substances that this system will support for the foreseeable future. 

Contact a supplier to learn more about dry screw vacuum pumps