Warming Your Business This Winter

Posted on: 21 May 2020

The large interior space of a commercial building can make keeping it warm a serious challenge. While there are heating systems that are capable of warming these interior spaces, businesses will still need to be informed about the steps that are needed to maximize the performance of its commercial heating system.

Address Common Sources Of Heat Loss

There are a few sources of heat loss that can be extremely common for almost every commercial building. For example, the windows can be a major source of energy loss due to cold air entering around the edges or even causing the glass to become cool enough to impact the interior temperature. You may be able to address these issues by sealing the edges of the windows to reduce drafts or even upgrading the windows to insulated glass.

Take Steps To Reduce The Risks Of Major Heating System Failures

A heating system failure can result in the temperature in the business dropping rapidly. In fact, it may become cool enough to damage products or be unsafe for customers and employees. Regularly servicing the heating system will be necessary to keep its risks of failing as low as possible. This type of servicing is especially important for businesses that have oil or gas-burning heating systems as there will be residues that must be removed in order for the system to be able to continue burning fuel efficiently. While some heating systems may be able to go a couple of years between servicings, most businesses will find that they need to do this work on a yearly basis to enjoy the best results.

Install Backup Heating Systems

While having your business's heating system serviced every year can dramatically reduce the risk of it suffering a major failure, there will always be a risk of the system encountering problems. In order to be able to minimize these impacts until you are able to make repairs, you may want to have an emergency backup heating system in place that you can utilize. These systems will typically have a much lower heating output than your permanent system, but it can help to stop the interior temperature from dropping too low.

Prepare The Heating Units Before Using Them

During the fall when the temperature starts dropping, it can be useful to take some time to prepare the heating system for use. This will involve replacing dirty air filters and cleaning the vents on the heating unit. These systems can reduce the amount of dust or foul odors that occur when the heating system is activated for the first time after a long period of dormancy.

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