Why It Might Be A Mistake To Purchase Custom Plastic Tubing In A Too-Short Length

Posted on: 27 December 2020

When you purchase plastic tubing, you can choose the length of plastic tubing that you want to purchase. As you can probably imagine, custom plastic tubing can be purchased in a variety of lengths. Although you might not feel as if you need to place an order for a large roll of plastic tubing, you should know that it might be a mistake to purchase your custom plastic tubing in a too-short length. If you are wondering why this is often the case, consider the reasons below.

You Might Pay More Than Necessary

If you pay attention to the pricing on custom plastic tubing, you will probably find that the difference in price between bigger rolls and smaller rolls often is not all that significant. This is because many suppliers actually drastically reduce the cost per inch or per foot of tubing when customers buy a longer length at one time. Therefore, if you usually purchase your custom plastic tubing in a shorter length, there is a good chance that you are paying more for it than necessary.

You Might Need More Plastic Tubing Later

Right now, you might think that the amount of custom plastic tubing that you are planning on purchasing is sufficient for your needs. However, if you make a mistake when cutting the plastic tubing, you might find that you don't actually have enough once you dispose of the tubing that was cut to the wrong length. If you made a mistake when taking your measurements, then you might find that you didn't calculate the amount of tubing that you needed properly, so you could end up needing to order more. Plus, once you receive your plastic tubing, you might find that it's useful for more things, so you may find that you wish you had ordered more. If you simply buy more tubing when placing your original order, however, you can help ensure that you don't run out.

You Might Not Be Able to Get Your Custom Order Fulfilled

Since you might want to purchase plastic tubing of a certain diameter, color, or type, then you might be planning on placing a custom order instead of simply purchasing pre-made plastic tubing. This is an option with many companies that sell plastic tubing, but it's often only an option if you order a certain length at one time. If you're curious about whether or not these limits are present, consider inquiring with the company that you're hoping to place your custom order with. Click here to read more.