Advice For Using PVC-Coated Fabric To Line Drinking Containers For Farm Animals

Posted on: 20 July 2021

There are a lot of great applications of PVC-coated fabrics because of their resistance to many things. They work exceptionally well when used to line drinking containers for farm animals, for example. If you plan on buying this fabric for this specific purpose, these tips can help you avoid complications. 

Account for the Containers' Size to Order the Right Quantity 

You want to have some idea of how much PVC-coated fabric to order for your containers, and you will if you account for the size of your drinking containers. You may already know these dimensions based on the number of gallons of water they can hold.

If you don't, then you'll just need to perform a couple of measurements yourself so that you know what to tell a supplier when giving them an ideal quantity figure that you want shipped out. If you end up with a little more PVC-coated fabric, that's okay because you can just keep a stock for any other containers you may need to waterproof in the future.

Properly Secure the Fabric to the Drinking Containers

PVC-coated fabrics are going to work well in waterproofing your drinking containers for animals on your farm, but in order to maintain these waterproofing abilities, you need to secure the fabrics to the containers properly. Otherwise you could have water move out of these waterproof barriers and then leak out.

A lot of farmers end up using waterproof tape to secure PVC-coated fabrics to the side of their drinking containers. If you do the same, you need to make sure the tape is strong enough to keep the fabrics in place and also verify that it is waterproof just like your PVC-coated fabrics.

Buy From a Reliable Source

In order to get PVC-coated fabric for your drinking containers that is both good quality and completely free of toxins, you need to make sure you're getting this material from a company that makes products specifically for farm use. Otherwise you could be risking the performance of these fabrics and the safety of your farm animals.

Look at a couple of suppliers' manufacturing methods, including the machines used to put these fabrics together and the materials used besides PVC. These assessments can help you find a source that can provide products that are designed for use on a farm.

You can waterproof drinking containers for farm animals with ease thanks to the durable, flexible nature of PVC-coated fabric. It will be valuable to this particular purpose if you make the right selection and work with this material carefully.