Understanding Hex Head Bolts

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Hex head bolts are excellent and reliable fasteners used by many industries and for many things. You will want to learn all you can about the hex head bolts so you can see why they are the go-to fasteners for many people. Here are some things of interest you may want to know:

What They Are

Hex head bolts are fasteners that are very distinct from other fasteners. This is because of their six-sided head that cannot be controlled by the use of any old screwdriver. Taking a close look at these particular fasteners, you will see that there is not a slot for a screwdriver on top of the head. Put the flathead and Phillips screwdrivers back in the toolbox. You are going to need a different tool to tighten and loosen this fastener. You will need a small adjustable wrench to get this fastener moving.

When Should Be Used

You will want to know when the most appropriate times to use the hex head bolts would be and the answer is whenever you want. However, if you want to stick with standard screws for a lot of the little jobs, you can save your hex head bolts for projects that require a little more strength to hold everything together. Also, with this type of bolt, you can use your tools in a variety of directions. You can approach it from the top of the head or from the side, making this a perfect option when you are working in a tight space.

There Are Two Thread Types

When you go to purchase your hex head bolts, you will be presented with two options. There are the fully threaded and the plain or partially threaded bolts, each having its own use. The fully threaded bolts have a thread that continues all of the way up to the head. The plain or partially threaded bolts have a shank that is not threaded right below the head. Instead, it might only be half of the shank that is threaded. The fully threaded bolts are perfect for holes that are pre-threaded. The partially or plain hex head bolts are good when alignment and resistance are the main concerns.

Now that you know a little more about hex head bolts and why they are used, you will want to invest in a good variety of them in different sizes and thicknesses so you have what you need for any job you come across.