Precious Stone Sifting: How Wire Mesh Plays A Part

Posted on: 27 December 2019

Precious stones like rubies, garnets, and emeralds are often found in mines and attached to a lot of dirt and rock. The miners chip out what they can, taking great care not to damage their finds. They place possible stones, along with other pieces of rock and shovels of soil and sand, onto a conveyor belt to send it all out of the mine while the miners keep digging. In the meantime, a conveyor moves these bits of rock and soil out of the mine and down a long chute toward a sifting machine. [Read More]

3 Major Benefits Of Laser Cutting For Those Creating Custom Products

Posted on: 27 December 2019

If you're creating a new product, there may be a time when you need unique cuts made to the materials you're working with. In this case, laser cutting would be ideal. It comes with the following advantages today that you shouldn't overlook.  Custom Design Services A lot of companies that provide laser cutting actually can get involved in the design process. This is ideal if you're not quite sure how your materials need to be cut. [Read More]

Why Buy Lactose Broth From A Professional Lab?

Posted on: 23 December 2019

If you work in a kitchen setting or are new to the industry, you may have heard of lactose broth. Lactose broth is used to test for toxic foods. This broth is not something you can make in your kitchen, but it is something you can buy and reap the benefits of. So, what are the benefits of buying lactose broth? Check out these benefits to see why you should be buying it. [Read More]

Cool And Creative Concrete Uses

Posted on: 21 December 2019

Concrete is a widely used material within the industrial and manufacturing industry. And while it is very commonly used as a construction material, this is not the only use of concrete. In fact, concrete has many fascinating uses, which you should consider for your next project and the projects to follow. If you do, you might just find a new and exciting way in which to use concrete. Underground Use [Read More]