3 Great Tips To Remember When Renting An Overhead Crane For Temporary Construction Projects

Posted on: 12 December 2019

If your construction operations warrant reaching great heights temporarily, renting an overhead crane may be necessary. These cranes let you do all kinds of things on a construction site, and you'll come away with a great rental if you remember the following tips. 

Opt For Familiar Controls

It should be noted that not all overhead cranes have the same controls. They can actually vary quite a bit based on the different models and manufacturers today. So that your employees have an easy time using the rental overhead crane, you need to look for familiar controls.

The overhead crane needs an interior layout that your employees have grown accustomed to over the years. To find this compatibility, it may be necessary to take some employees with you to examine overhead cranes in person. Gauge their input to make sure the overhead crane you choose is optimal based on their preferences.

Thoroughly Review the Contract

Before an overhead crane is ever dropped off on your construction site, it behooves you to examine the contract thoroughly. This way, you can make sure you're aware of important details so that future confusion and issues don't happen. Start by seeing how the costs are broken down. 

Is the rental company charging you by the hour, by the day, or one lump sum? It's also in your best interest to compare the rate the company is offering with others. Then, you'll know immediately if you're being charged fairly or not. Finally, make sure you know how long this crane is in your possession. If all of these details are okay, you can sign the contract without any hesitancy. 

Don't Forget About Maintenance

Since you don't own this overhead crane outright, it's important to focus on maintenance. Getting this aspect wrong could result in operational issues and costly fines if the crane somehow damages while in your possession.

So that these issues don't rear their ugly head, take time to examine the maintenance protocol the rental company wants you following every day. It helps to create a checklist of this maintenance protocol, so that you can make sure all of the necessary steps are performed before, during, and after crane operation. 

Overhead cranes play a vital role in many construction projects today. If you're renting one out, make sure you know what this investment involves. Then, you can look forward to a stress-free and useful crane rental.