4 Tips To Help You Find The Right CNC Machine Equipment For The Needs Of Your Business

Posted on: 15 March 2020

If you need CNC equipment for your business, there are a lot of solutions and choices. The CNC machine and other equipment needs to be both practical and efficient and improve the capacity of your business. You want to consider options like the size of the machine, controller, axis movements, and attachments. The following tips will help you get the right CNC machine equipment for the needs of your business. 

1. The Controllers and Connections That You Will Need to Program CNC Equipment 

The first thing you want to consider for your CNC equipment is the type of controller systems that are available. If you are going to be using a more mobile solution, you may want to have fewer computer control boards and the ability to connect the machine to a laptop. For a larger permanent CNC machine installation, much of the technology can be integrated into the machine to give you more capabilities.  

2. Different Types of CNC Machines for Various Capabilities and Needs of Your Business 

CNC machines can have various functions for the needs of your business. Some of the different types of CNC machines that you may need for your business include: 

  • Lathe 

  • Waterjet 

  • Laser 

  • Router 

These are some of the different types of CNC machines that can be used for your business. They can also be adapted to have different axis capabilities for functionality and specific jobs.  

3. Choosing the Different Axis Capability for The CNC Equipment and Needs of Your Business 

The different axis capabilities of your CNC equipment are also important. You may only need a machine that works on the X and Y axis for basic routing and lathe tasks. If you are doing more specialized work, then a CNC machine that has more axis capabilities, such as a robotic arm, is a more ideal solution for the needs of your business.  

4. Size, Mobility, and Installation of CNC Equipment That You Need for Your Business Operations 

The size and installation of the CNC equipment for your business are also important. If you have a small service business, you may need to have the equipment available at different locations and want a more portable solution. Smaller machines will be more mobile and can be mounted in trailers with other tools and equipment that you use. If you do manufacturing, the CNC machine needs of your business may be more specific, and a larger more permanent solution will be needed.  

These are some tips to help you get the right CNC equipment for the needs of your business. If you are ready to start updating the equipment of your business, contact a CNC machine shop and talk to them about some of these solutions.