Industrial Uses In Your Business For High-Quality New Steel Pipe

Posted on: 21 August 2020

Steel is one of the most durable industrial materials in use today. Pipes that are made from it have the ability to last for decades and provide critical services to businesses that invest in them. New steel pipe offers versatility and performance that enable it to be used for a variety of purposes. These uses are some that you can get out of new or used steel pipe that you purchase for your business.

Protection of Underground Utility Lines

New steel pipe is commonly used today to protect the integrity and safety of underground utility lines. Lines for utilities like gas, fiber optic phone lines, and water are commonly run through the ground. They are buried deep to prevent damages and avoid interruptions during storms. 

However, they can still be damaged during construction or accidental digging. To protect them, many utility companies will use steel pipe to protect their underground lines. They run the lines through the steel pipes and bury the pipes and lines together to protect customers' utility services better. The steel pipe that surrounds the utility lines prevents them from being cut into or uprooted during construction or digging projects.


Plumbing is another common use for both new and used steel pipes. In particular, they are commonly used outside to carry water to and from a building. They are not frequently used in indoor plumbing, especially in locations like under the sink or in the bathroom. 

Still, their use in both commercial and residential plumbing allow people to access water reliably inside of their homes or businesses. These pipes are often utilized in a building's sewer system to carry away waste to the city or county's main line. They are also used in lawn sprinkling systems and are commonly buried under the lawn to remain out of sight yet serviceable whenever the sprinkler system is used.

Because they are made from steel, they are less vulnerable to damages like rusting that can occur from frequent exposure to water. They also are less likely to dent or collapse

Their versatility makes new steel pipes a practical investment for business owners in industries like gas or water services, plumbing and landscaping. They offer a variety of uses and have the durability to run water, gas, or other utilities through them. They have the structure and strength to protect lines that are run underground to and from customers' buildings. 

For more information about new steel pipes, contact a pipe manufacturer.