Keys To Purchasing Wheels For Residential Gate Systems

Posted on: 22 September 2022

If you have a residential gate that slides on the ground, one way you can improve movement is by purchasing wheels for the bottom portion. Then the gate will slide back and forth smoothly. Finding said gate accessories won't be difficult if you focus on these suggestions.

Assess the Surrounding Surface Below 

Manufacturers can make gate wheels in a lot of different ways, which means you'll have quite a few options to consider. It's much easier to decide on the right wheel option though if you first assess the surrounding surface where your residential gate is situated. Surface characteristics will dictate what type of wheel materials and designs you should consider.

For instance, if the surface below the gate is concrete or pavement that's relatively smooth, you would want gate wheels with a smooth surface as well. Whereas if the surface below features dirt and rocks, then your gate wheels need to have ample tread to move optimally. 

Find Out Gate's Weight

Before you choose wheels for a residential gate solution around your property, make sure you find out this gate's weight. Then you can make sure you end up with wheels that can support this weight perfectly without breaking down. The wheels are going to retain their structure and continue providing smooth movement year after year.

You just need to get a weighing solution that lets you gather weight totals in a convenient manner. Or you can find out weight specs by consulting with your gate's manufacturer. Once you have this weight total, you can make sure you find gate wheels designed to support this range.

Make Sure Enough Height Support Is Provided

When you purchase wheels for a gate solution, you need to make sure they elevate the gate high enough off the ground to where no section is able to touch. Then you can move the gate back and forth smoothly without worrying about causing any damage to said solution.

The best thing you can do to find gate wheels that provide optimal height is to assess the specific gate solution you're supporting. How low to the ground is it already and how much more height do you need to provide optimal clearance? These assessments will lead to gate wheels with optimal dimensions.

If you're looking to buy wheels for a residential gate solution to help with movement, make sure you focus on key elements like wheel materials, dimensions, and structural support. Then you'll enjoy smooth movement for a long time.  

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